Re: [RadiusNT] Problem sending new netmask to PPP user

Mike Phillips ( mphillips@MAIL.CLARION.EDU )
Tue, 18 May 1999 14:00:35 -0400

I was able to add the Framed-Netmask attribute to my RadATConfigs table.
When I run RADLOGIN on the Radius server it says the netmask is But when I actually login remotely I get the
mask (according to WINIPCFG under Win95). I'm using the PortMaster 2E and
I've found that no matter what netmask I define in Radius I get a class C
mask on the client.

Any thoughts?


>Mike Phillips wrote:
>> I've been running RadiusNT in ODBC mode against an Access DB for quite
>> awhile now. I recently had to move my NAS and Radius server to a new IP
>> subnet. The netmask of the old subnet is The netmask of
>> new subnet is I need to configure Radius to send the new
>> netmask to ALL users.
>Even though you might have a CIDR block on 8 or so Class C's, its not
>normal to break them down larger than a class c. This just seems
>real odd to me.
>> What settings do I need to add/modify in the RadATConfigs table (or any
>> other tables) to make this happen?
>You need to add the Framed-Netmask attribute.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
>IEA Software, Inc.