[RadiusNT] Customization

mick ( (no email) )
Fri, 07 May 1999 08:16:05 +1000

In my opinion RadiusNT lacks alot of features that are definetly
required by ISP's today.

Is there any plans to increase radiusnt up to an exceptable standard or
give out the source code so we as purchases can get the product up to
standard. Because after paying all that money for the product I don't
really wish to have to buy another radius to get standard functionality.
Like IP pools, phone number authentication, customisable checks to
authenticate a user just to name a few. If anyone at radiusNT would like
any idea about how many features are missing go to
www.open.com.au and then look at radiator. And before anyone asks no I
am not a sales person for radiator!
Radiator costs $650. Money I am trying to avoid spending since I already
purchased radiusNT the only disadvantage being radiusNT is missing
about 100 or so features required to make an ISP competitive in this day
and age.

Michael Saunders