[RadiusNT] SQL error on radlogin test

S.Tumurbaatar ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 11:57:53 +0800

Thanks for response,
After few attempts, radlogin/RadiusNt work normally.
May be all my errors result from MS SQL server I using,
becouse I had some errors in create table procedure.
Now I'm going to reintstall all. As I said, I use radlogin
to emulate users log on/off and quickly get small call list
and run later billing procedures on it. I use 'radlogin START'
to say server that user has been connected and 'STOP'
to notify that his disconnected. Currently Emerald client
shows online activity correctly, with true connection time
(how many minutes he is online at current moment).
But 'time on' list of that user shows his calls with incorrect
online duration. 'Min' column for all calls is 4 minutes always!!!
Again, it can be problem of my SQL server, but can I use 'radlogin'
for such emulation purpose? Our company had some problems
with previous version of Emerald and now I cannot say them
that now Emerald will work fine and ask them to comletely move
currently working server to Emerald/RadiusNt pair without any