[RadiusNT] Radlogs not working

Jim Whaley ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:02:50 -0400

Hello. I just upgraded from version 2.5.124 to 2.5.162

My radlogs table was working perfectly before, and now I find that there are
no records being entered in it. I found a script at the RadiusNT ftp site
that shows me that 3 new fields have been added (since I've had RadiusNT
1. Nasidentifier
2. Nasport
3. CallerID

I added these to my radlogs table, even restarted RadiusNT and it didn't
make any difference.

Anybody know what the scoop is?

I'm on NT4.0 SP3, SQL 6.5...


Jim Whaley