[RadiusNT] Help setting up ODBC to SQL server

David McMullen ( david.mcmullen@sig-europe.com )
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 09:16:49 +0100


I was wondering if anyone could give me (fairly detailed) instructions on
converting a text based Radius user database to one held in SQL server (6.5)
and what advantages this would give me. If I understand correctly I can use
SQL server to log call times and produce reports about usage from this. Our
user database is very small as most users are covered by a DEFAULT
authenticating off our NT domain.

I know very little about SQL server, and reading through the manuals I am
none the wiser as to what I need to set up the RadiusNT database. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


--David McMullenSystems Engineer, SIG (Europe) / Enigma