[RadiusNT] Emerald doesn't show online users at all

Tanveer Dar ( tanveer@wol.net.pk )
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 15:33:29 +0500


Can anybody help me out in my problem.Actually the problem is that
iam using a modem pool with NT 4.0 machine running RRAS as Radius
Client.The problem is that when a user Authenticaties in debug mode
Radius NT shows the NAS-Port etc but it doesn't write that information
to the table(Serverports) in emerald database at all it writes nothing
there from where callsOnline view gets it's data to show online users in
emerald.Due to this RadiusNT allows multiple logins to users connecting
with the same user name as the stored Procedure (Radcheckonline) checks
multiple logins from callsOnline view.

Can anybody help me out in this .i'll appreciate.I
have done all other things with emerald Administrator as specified in
the IEA-Software site in mail archives but that is not solving my

I'll be waiting for replies.Thanx in advance