[RadiusNT] Multiple entries in Calls table for same stop record

Amir Sadeghi ( sadeghi@vianet.at )
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 12:44:55 +0200

We are running RadiusNT 2.5.162 in ODBC mode on a MS SQL Server 7 and
are encountering the following phenomena:
We administer the domain via.at. Our users can login using for example
"herbie / herbiespwd" or alternatively "herbie@via.at / herbiespwd". To
facilitate this I created a record in RadRoamDomains with domain =
'via.at' which points to a record in RadRoamServers with StripDomain = 1
and TreatAsLocal = 0 (which was curious enough for me, because I would
have thought TreatAsLocal must be 1, but radiusnt doesn't authenticate
users correctly in this case, anyway that's another story and not really
important). I also configured radiusnt admin to insert only stop records
into the calls table. What I am experiencing now is that each time
herbie logs off there are 2 records inserted into the calls table, one
with Username = 'herbie' and the second one with UserName =
'herbie@via.at'. All other attributes are identical. This happens only
if herbie logged in using the domain suffix. We also administer other
domains whose users MUST login using the domain suffix
(RadRoamServer.TreatAsLocal = 1 and RadRoamServer.StripDomain = 0) and
they don't display this behaviour.
Am I doing anything wrong or is this a feature? Is there any way of
suppressing this?