Re: [RadiusNT] Problem with emerald showing online users

Tanveer Dar ( )
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 07:50:12 +0500


Thanks for your reply i'll check & try your suggestions.i'll inform u later
then.Thanx again

Tanveer Dar

"Sheryl D. Stover" wrote:

> >From the web site knowledge base:
> There are several possibilities for why the Calls Online view does not
> properly display online users. The most common of these include:
> Triggers not installed: If you do not have the automatic update trigger
> installed, Emerald will not update CallsOnline. You can open ISQL_W and run
> the insttrig.sql script located in your Emerald directory to install this
> trigger; you must then stop and restart SQL Server for it to take effect.
> Manual Calls Update turned on: You may have checked Manual Calls Update in
> the RadiusNT Administrator (not the Emerald Administrator), under ODBC
> Options. If this is the case, uncheck it, save your settings, and stop and
> restart Radius.
> Stop Records Only turned on : You may have checked Stop Records Only in the
> RadiusNT Administrator under ODBC options. If this is the case, uncheck this
> option, save your settings, and stop and restart Radius.
> Server Ports not defined: Run RadiusNT in debug mode and watch the NAS-Port
> value for users who successfully authenticate but do not make it into the
> Calls Online view. Compare that NAS-Port value to the ports which exist in
> the Emerald Administrator, RadiusNT section, Server Ports. Some NASes do not
> use standard starts with 0 or starts with 1 port numbering. You may need to
> re-port your NAS as its specific type. Some terminal servers also use all
> available port numbers, even if not all of the physical ports have lines
> attached (for example, if a Bay Networks 5000 has 48 available ports but
> only 24 have lines attached, it will still use ports 1-48 when assigning
> port IDs).
> Wrong information being passed from Terminal Server: Your terminal server
> may be sending the wrong status type (AcctStatusType attribute) to the
> Radius server. In this case, you may need to upgrade the firmware OS on your
> terminal server so it sends the correct attributes. The AcctStatusType on a
> start record should equal 1.
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> Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 12:06 PM
> Subject: [RadiusNT] Problem with emerald showing online users
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> :Hi everybody,
> :
> : Can anybody help me out in this problem ,actually
> :all other is well i-e user connects and they get authenticated also
> :accounting requests are also going to sRadiusNT server.But actually
> :emerald doesn't shows online users and also it doesn't executes the
> :timeon query of users.can anybody tell me that what is the problem with
> :callsOnline view in emerald.i'll be waiting for ur replies
> :anxiously...........
> :
> :Regards
> :
> :Tanveer Dar
> :Sr. Network Administrator
> :World Online
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