[RadiusNT] radius proxy mode question

Christian Schmit ( cschmit@vo.lu )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:35:56 +0100


We used to run radiusnt in user based proxy mode
for our GRIC roaming. This works fine.

Now we are in progress of setting up an AOL/GRIC
POP with GRIC and there I need to pass the returned
attributes from the AOL/GRIC radius server without any
change to the radius client. (the NAS). However radiusnt
always uses the Account Type attributes specified in the
radroamdomains table.

How can this be done? If I use server based proxy
mode radiusnt seems to forward all requests to the
aol/gric server even our local accounts without
and ...@abc.com in their login name.

Any solution available?

Christian Schmit

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