[RadiusNT] Re: RadiusNT Enterprise SNMP Concurrency Checking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 13:33:46 -0800

Ingram Leedy wrote:
> We just upgraded and purchased RadiusNT Enterprise for the SNMP concurrency
> feature. We have been trying to get it to work with problems.
> We have set it up with your instructions in the docs. Have installed the
> SNMP server, ntreskit, SP4.
> Radius -x15 shows that Enterprise is installed and with snmp support.
> Under radius -x15 when there is a user online (user is really on the
> Livingston PM3, and is in the callsonline table)
> radius debugs that the user is already logged on 1 time(s)., then calls the
> RadCheckOnlineSNMP stored procedure.
> Then it allows the user to log on. Which is not the correct behavior.

I recently made some updates to the RadiusNT docs, that should be
hitting our website next week. One of the main updates was information
on the new 2.5.260 SNMP conncurrency support.

The problem is that the old docs were specifically for the PM2. The
PM2 uses a different numbering scheme than the PM2.

> I even ran the RadCheckOnlineSNMP by hand and it returns the correct
> results. I used the results it returned and even ran from the radius
> machine the command:
> snmputil get a.b.c.d public oid
> Of course with the proper machine, community, and oid. And this did infact
> return the username that is on that port.
> We did have to make a change in the stored procedure from your example, the
> port numbering was off by one. (1).

Yes, thats because the other one was for the PM2 as noted above.

> Anyway, we tried it both ways. The way documents reports the wrong user,
> while adding 1 to the oid reports the correct users.
> Can you give more details what is happening and why RadiusNT might not be
> checking the SNMPConcurrency correctly??

What version of RadiusNT are you using? It sounds like everything is
setup correctly, but its getting the wrong type. One other thing is
that if you are using RadiusNT 2.5, it requires and updated stored

CREATE PROCEDURE RadCheckOnlineSNMP @UserName varchar(64) AS

Select s.IPAddress, s.ServerType, s.Community, sp.SNMPUser,