[RadiusNT] Need to go back to SQL 6.5 .. help.. Radius NT does not work

Mike Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 12:26:30 -0500


SQL 7 is just not working right with Radius NT. My statement that removing
Radius from the same box has become inaccurate because now we are
experiencing severe processor spikes that can last for several minutes
each, and performance is degrading with the spikes (Response times above
2500!). From the best I can tell Radius and SQL 7 just don't get along.
Trying to fix the Radius NT and SQL 7 combination has come to a dead end
and since there are no clear answers we have to do something. Since this
is causing severe problems, does anyone know a good method for getting our
SQL 7 database back into a SQL 6.5 database? I've tried exporting the data
every which way possible and either end up with perfect data and no
identity columns, or identity columns all assigned the wrong values and the
constraints all messed up. If all else fails we can restore data from our
SQL 6.5 as it was two weeks ago and just re-enter everything since then,
but we would prefer to find a way to get the 7.0 data into 6.5. At the
very least the subaccounts and radconfigs tables.

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