Re: [RadiusNT] Radius and Ascends..

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 16:33:10 -0500

The problem that you're running into is not "normal"--at least for it to be
occuring once per second. Our Ascend 40xx units don't do it--I've never
even that particular "username" before. I do know that anytime we happen to
upgrade the OS or reboot our Maxes, a bunch of things are logged as the Max
is coming back online, but as soon as it's online, they stop. The only
"username" that pops up during these times that has "pools" in it is
"pools-Max1-4004" (where "Max1-4004" is the name of the Max as entered into
the particular unit). I guess "pools-Midlink" is something specific to the
TNT or 6000 (can't remember what you have).

Have you gone into the IP pooling area to see if there's anything out of the
ordinary set (such as two pools with overlapping IPs or something)?

Josh Hillman

From: Terry Bomersbach <>
>The simple answer is to create a sub account record in Radius for that user
>id without a password.
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>From: talon <>
>>How can i disable this in the ascend?
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>>From: "Terry Bomersbach" <>
>>>No, that is the Ascend ethernet up requesting authentication. Just
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>>>>Am I the only one experiencing problems with ascends and radius?
>>>>I keep seeing the ascends send a request to radius and i get the message
>>>>UserName Description Data
>>>>pools-Midlink user not found ascend
>>>>pools-Midlink user not found ascend
>>>>pools-Midlink user not found ascend
>>>>pools-Midlink user not found ascend
>>>>pools-Midlink user not found ascend
>>>>This is happening every second! I have called ascend and I am waiting
>>>>for a response, but for now this problem is suspected of causing a lot
>>>customers errors when they attempt to dial up and connect.

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