[RadiusNT] Server Planning

Brian Lube ( brian@mpinet.net )
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:39:35 -0500

I looking over our RadiusNT SQL server right now, and I'm thinking about
revamping it a _lot_ in order to handle our call load. I have a few
questions about RadiusNT's interaction with SQL and how to speed it up.

How critical is CPU? Could I use a dual Pentium Pro 200 or should I look
at a Dual 300/350?
Speed of Hard Drive? Should I upgrade my single 10k RPM drive to a Raid0
solution for speed (I'm using a second server as backup)?

Right now we are running SQL for Radius NT on a Pentium II 333 with 256M of
RAM and a 9G IBM 10k RPM drive. I'm seeing a lot of write waiting and a
bunch of I/O all at once (along with some weird CPU spikes). Wanted some
expert opinion on Hardware before I started reviewing what I could do.


Brian Lube
System Administrator

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