Re: [RadiusNT] Radius NT 2.5 & SQL 7.0 compatibility issues,

Mike Miller ( )
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:14:58 -0500

>Have you tried running a checkdb on it? Also, check your indexes and
>make sure the stats are up to date. The latest checkdb.sql includes a
>cursor to update all indexes of all tables in the Emerald database.
>I've been using SQL 7.0 for about a month and haven't seen this before.

Yes. Actually we built a fresh, empty database and had the same problems.
We have found a consistent way to break it since the original message sent
to this list...

If we run Radius in -x15 debug mode on a fresh database, it will work fine.
If we Ctrl-C to stop Radius to return to the command prompt and then
restart Radius in -x15 mode, it will be broken. We have identified the
SPID which is locking the calls table, and it is an insert statement that
was issued by Radius just before Radius was stopped. It appears that
stopping Radius causes a process to get stuck in SQL. Attempting to kill
the process is unsuccessful. The process just seems to be stuck in there.
Running the profiler, we can see the insert statements coming in from
Radius. It is our assumption that they are getting blocked by the hung
insert process. Funny thing is, even a reboot does not kill the process!
If for a moment we make an assumption that each time it broke was after a
Radius restart (I have no way to confirm this though), then why are
processes from Radius getting hung in SQL, and how can they be killed (the
KILL command is not working)? We have hung a note on the box saying not to
restart Radius for now, and there have been no problems. I can forsee
needing to restart Radius or reboot the machine (which would cause a Radius
restart) in the future... so the "don't restart" policy can not last forever.

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