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Sat, 06 Mar 1999 12:20:27 -0800

Clancy Knaup wrote:
> I would like you use 3Com's VSA
> IES_NEXT_HOP_GATEWAY 0x9008 ipaddr
> This is the same attribute used for VPN-Neighbor
> How do I get this in to Radius NT, correct tables

You need to add any entry in the RadAttributes table:

RadAttributeID: 3
RadVendorID: 429
RadRadVendorType: 36872
Name: IES-Next-Hop-Gateway
Type: 2

Which woul translate into an insert statement of:

INSERT RadAttributes
(RadAttributeID,RadVendorID,RadVendorType,Name,Type) VALUES(26, 429,
36872, 'IES-Next-Hop-Gateway', 2)

The Name doesn't really matter, unless you are using text mode.
You can use calc in Scientific mode to easilt translast hex 9008
to its decimal equivalent.


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