[RadiusNT] Netserver 16

Geoffrey L. Scully ( (no email) )
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 17:54:36 -0800

I have a USR Netserver 16. It sends accounting packets to Emerald just
fine. When we try to authenticate thru Radius all we ever get is
"Unable to negotiate a proper set of Dialup Properties" Windows default
"I really dont know what the problem is" crud. I have checked and
retyped the secret on both the NAS and in Emerald a dozen times, I have
stopped and restarted the NAS server and Radius but nothing works. I
have taken it completely out of Emerald and rechecked everything. I am
using the latest USR code for the Netserver 16. Does anyone have a clue
what the problem might be?

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