[RadiusNT] Calls on Line

Geoffrey L. Scully ( (no email) )
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 16:06:48 -0800

Ok, we are trying to read live from calls on line to show peoples time
as they log into the system. Since calls on line shows IP and username
we can use this to verify that someone is logging into our system as
that particular user with one of our C class addresses. Anyway we have
people logging onto Radius then the OnLine function in Emerald does not
show them as being there. Furthurmore it then shows them as someone
else and gives them this persons information. Then I tried to do a
Radlogin check which should come up and say the person is already logged
on but it does not. It checks and comes back as good:1. Now I thought
if Radius recieved a start command, which it obviously did since that
person is logging on, why would Radlogin come back and say they are not

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