[RadiusNT] Vendor attributes, and the RadiusNT database

Nicolaj Ottsen ( no@webpartner.dk )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 21:41:25 +0100

Dear list-members,

I am a novice to RadiusNT, and somewhat a novice to Radius. I have a couple
of questions regarding Vendor Attributes, and the RadiusNT database.

We want to run RadiusNT in SQL mode using MSSQL 7.0.

Currently I am using 3com S/A, to authenticate users dialing into a couple
Total Control boxes. I am moving to RadiusNT and I am not sure what to do
about Vendor Attributes. Should I just add the Attributes for 3com
Dictionary.dat to the RadiusNT database or do I need to do more.

To complicate matters some, we are waiting for the delivery of an Cisco
AS5300, and I don't have a dictionary of Cisco Radius Vendor Attributs. Do I
need them ?
Where can I get them ?

A more general question about RadiusNT, is about customising the database. I
can see from the list that it is commen practice to change the database
layout of RadiusNT.
Our setup is quit simple we have users calling into our network with ISDN or
Analog and they all use PPP. We can treat all our users the same way, so we
don't need alot of different service types. Is there any recommondations
about simplifing the database design to acommedate this simple setup, or
should we just leave it as it is ?

Is there somewhere I can go to find some information on these subjects,
besides the manual ?

regards ..

Nicolaj Ottsen

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