[RadiusNT] ServerAccess "time of day" accounts

Mike Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:08:08 -0500


Software running:
Radius NT 2.2
MS-SQL 6.5 SP4

We are trying to set up a "time of day" account on one of our NASs. We
have done the following:

1. Enabled "Server Port Access" in the RadiusNT administrator
2. Populated the ServerAccess table for the NAS in question with the
ServerID: <server id of the nas from servers table>
Port: 10101-10124, 10201-10224, 20101-20124, 20201-20224
(this is an Ascend box)
StartTime: 1110 (6:30 PM)
StopTime: 1410 (11:30 PM)

After having problems with this we checked the list archives and added the
following stored procedure to SQL:

CREATE PROCEDURE RadCheckPort @nasid varchar(16), @nasport integer, @at
varchar(15) AS
Select MaxSessionLength, StartTime, StopTime, CurrTime = (DatePart(Hour,
GetDate()) * 60) + DatePart(Minute, GetDate())
>From Servers s, ServerAccess sa
Where s.ServerID = sa.ServerID
AND s.IPAddress = @nasid
AND (sa.Port=@nasport or sa.Port=NULL)
AND sa.AccountType = @at

The problem is Radius is authenticating on this port at *any* time of the
day without regard to the specified start and stop times. Is there
something I am missing here?

-Mike Miller


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