Joe Bissot ( jblist@pcinternet.net )
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 10:42:10 -0800

Just last week when consolidating calls in Emerald my main SQL machine was
rendered useless by Dr Watson eating 99% of the cpu time. The NAS would try to
authenticate from Radius NT but would time out. The secondary Radius server
apparently never authenticated against so users were just locked out for 30
minutes or so while I discovered the problem and forced a reboot.

All of this brings me to my ultimate question... There was talk in the past of
Radius NT for FreeBSD or Linux. Is it available? I want to move my Radius
servers to my BSD boxes if at all possible. I've considered just switching to
Cistron but would prefer to stay with Radius NT if it is integrated with the
SQL database etc...

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