[RadiusNT] [pop] [Emerald] Emerald and Radius

Roy Preece ( Roy@gpnetwork.net.au )
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 09:08:50 +1100

Hello All,

We have had a get together and decided to evaluate the Emerald suite for our
billing etc. Thankyou iea for the extended evaluation period.

Due to the topology of our network we have decided to evaluate the following

1. A dedicated and firewalled NT/SQL Server for the emerald software and
billing component.
2. A number of Linux (Red Hat) radius servers in different geographical
locations around Australia synchronising with Emerald.
3. A move to one of the more popular Linux mail servers.

This is difficult when you are already running RadiusNT which authenticates
from the NT SAM, but we have worked out a way to do it without interfering
with current services for our users.

Obviously, we would like the evaluation to go as smoothly as possible and we
have a few questions to that end.

1. Is there a detailed howto on setting up external systems for emerald to
allow it to synchronise with Linux Radius? (PAM and Users File)
2. Is there a recommended Linux Radius Server for Emerald accounting?
3. What specs are recommended for the emerald box given a potential 10,000
4. Are there any known issues regarding this type of configuration?
5. Has anyone figured out how to export the usernames and passwords from SAM
to the emerald database.
6. Is there a web interface for emerald database maintenance? (Adding Users

TIA for any assistance offered here, we hope for a successful evaluation and
cut over to the emerald suite as the accounting side seems to fit our needs
very well.

Roy Preece
GPNetwork - Program Manager.

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