[RadiusNT] FW: RadiusNT and NTMail

Herman verschooten ( H.verschooten@WebVisie.net )
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:51:33 +0100

Since I got no reaction mailing you directly... I will try it thru the


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> From: Herman verschooten
> Sent: zaterdag 6 februari 1999 12:16
> To: 'daler@iea-software.com'; 'support@iea-software.com'
> Subject: RadiusNT and NTMail
> Importance: High
> Dale,
> we recently purchased RadiusNT Enterprise (with one additional server
> license), and i want to implement the connection to NTMail 4.01M.
> I downloaded the emerauth.zip-from the radiusnt-section of the
> FTP-site. In the documentation I find SQL-scripts to verify the
> mail-users, but the tables they use are non-existant on my
> RadiusNT-system; Groups,Domains ?? I guess there's a structural
> change in the tables between Emerald and RadiusNT, but could you sent
> me the correct script/information to get it up and running, since this
> was one of the major decisions for buying RadiusNT.
> Tx for your speedy reply,
> Herman verschooten
> Net 4 All
> BTW, we have RadiusNT crashing on us every couple of days. Should I
> send you the Dr. Watson-logs ? I am running it now in a DOS-box,
> within a looping batch-file, so it restarts everytime it crashes. Any
> information would be appreciated.

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