[RadiusNT] Server Ports table not populating correctly

Mark Colasante ( mcola@exchange.netexp.net )
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 22:08:17 -0500

I have Radius NT 2.5 and am running it with SQL 6.5. I have all the
ports set up in server ports and I have the server table populated with
all my NAS devices. Server ports is populating fine except for my NAS
devices that are 3Com HiperARC router cards running the latest firmware
4.1.72. All other NAS devices, which are PM3s, fill in the server ports
table just fine. I have specified the correct accounting server in the
HiperARC config. I am running Radius stop records only.

Anyone know why they will not fill in? Do I need to run both start and
stop records? Are there issues specific to HiperARC cards that is
causing this?


Mark Colasante

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