Re: [RadiusNT] preventing ISDN access on ppp accounts

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 22:24:16 -0800

Stephen Johnson wrote:
> How do I prevent someone with a ppp account accessing via ISDN?
> We have a Portmaster 3 and I believe it sends a NAS-Port-Type. I have been
> studying the documentation of the tables in RadiusNT and just don't quite
> get it. And I just tried putting this in my RadATConfigs table:
> RadATConfigID: 5
> AccountType: PPP
> RadAttributeID: 61
> RadVendorID: 0
> RadVendorType: 0
> Data: Async
> Value: null
> RadCheck: 1
> This prevented my ppp account from connecting on a regular dialup
> connection.
> Could someone spell it out to me which tables need to be modified and with
> what, please?

NAS-Port-Type is an integer. Therefore, you need to use the Value
field, not the data field. If you look at the dictionary, you'll

VALUE NAS-Port-Type Async 0
VALUE NAS-Port-Type Sync 1
VALUE NAS-Port-Type ISDN-Async-V120 3
VALUE NAS-Port-Type ISDN-Async-V110 4
VALUE NAS-Port-Type Virtual 5

There, set data to blank or nULL and value = 0.

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