[RadiusNT] Problem with stop records when proxying

Thu, 28 Jan 1999 09:17:21 -0500

I have an interesting problem that might just have more
to do with my lack of understanding in how exactly the
communication between RADIUS servers in a Proxy situation

I have set up recently a person (first one) to use Proxy
RADIUS. Their users authenticate just fine, no problems.
However, when they log out I get 5-10 stop records for
their account. Everything is identical in the record, but
the time is advancing.

If you have any thoughts as to why this is please let me know.

I am using Radius v2.5 in ODBC mode with a MS SQL v6.5 server.
On the other end I am not sure exactly what RADIUS server is
in use, but it is in text mode.

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