[RadiusNT] ServerPorts table not populating correctly

Mark Colasante ( mcola@exchange.netexp.net )
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:48:01 -0500

I have Radius NT 2.5 and am running it with SQL 6.5. I have all the
ports set up in server ports and I have the server table populated with
all my NAS devices. Server ports is populating fine except for my NAS
devices that are 3Com HiperARC router cards running the latest firmware.
I believe it is 4.1.72, or something like that. All other NAS devices,
which are PM3s, fill in the server ports table just fine. I have
specified the correct accounting server in the HiperARC config. I am
running Radius stop records only.

Anyone know why they will not fill in?


Mark Colasante

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