[RadiusNT] Platypus, RadAdmin & SQL

Lorri Manning ( (no email) )
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 12:47:34 -0600

Radius 2.5
SQL Server 6.5
Platypus 2.6 (by Boardtown)
(All of above on NT servers with Service Pack 4)
ODBC Drivers Ver. 3.51.171300
SQL 32 bit ODBC Drivers Ver. 360.0319

All of the above are set up and running fine INDIVIDUALLY.
Problem, I cannot get my Main RadiusNT server "talking" (via TCP/IP) to my
SQL Server.

* My backup server for Radius will communicates fine with SQL and can be
tested successfully via Radius Administrator or in the ODBC options.

* On my Main Server under Control Panel, ODBC, under System DSN config., I
test the SQL 32 bit Data Source & it is sucessful.

* However on my main server, when in RadiusNT Administrator, I get a
"Cannot connect to RemoteData Objects" error, immediately followed by a
"Check Connection failed" radadmn error.

Any starting point?
Is there a newer RadAdmin .exe & Radius.exe I should be using? (Mine are
both dated 6/8/98)
Is there something I'm overlooking or forgot to mention that would help?
I could really use the assistance. Thanks!
Lorri Manning
Email: lorri@cowtown.net
Cowtown Net, Inc
(817)293-9353; (972)730-2010
Fax (817)293-9076 / http://www.cowtown.net
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