Re: [RadiusNT] Query about Emerlad Lite

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 22:49:50 -0800

> David Leigh wrote:
> Hi There
> I have been having a look at the various versions of Emerald available
> and am curious about "Emerald Lite" which is on the web page as having
> "No Billing Capabilities" and a start of 500 MBR's.
> I am curious as to how this version of Emerald differs from the
> standard. Specifically:
> 1) Do you still have to configure account types in the way of MBR's,
> services, billing periods and all the rest, but then the billing
> periods are simply not automatically incremented? Or is there some
> other effect?

Emerald lite, simply has no billing. You can not generate
invoices. There is no configuration of the billing aspects
of the users available. It really designed for those sites
that don't need a billing system (like corporate Intranets)
but still want the GUI user management and database tools that
comes with Emerald.

> 2) Which version of RadiusNT comes with Emerald Lite - standard or
> Enterprise?

All versions of Emerald come with RadiusNT Enterprise. However, the
license that comes with Emerald is a PER USER license, unlike a RadiusNT
license (so by buing Emerald Lite you are not saving money on
RadiusNT Enterprise, its a comletely different license).

> I could only find one version of Emerald in the FTP site so I'm
> guessing there is some sort of hobble - but can you please clarify
> exactly what that is?

Its alll software controlled via your license key.

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