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Robert Hipp ( )
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 11:50:24 -0800

At 09:22 AM 1/23/99 , you wrote:
>Robert Hipp wrote:
>> Hope someone can give me some clues. We are currently using version 1.16
>> (ok stop laughing) and installing 2.5124 using ODBC (MS SQL) on a new
>> machine. We ran the sql scripts to create the tables, using mixed security
>> set up a user and gave it full permissions to all the tables, setup Radius
>> Admin and configured it using this account for DSN and ran the verify. It
>> seems that we can log in ok but calls on-line and calls table never get
>> updated. Looking in past posts it seems a trigger issue. I re-ran
>> insttrig.sql, same results. When we disconnect the dial up a record is
>> written to RadLogs table. When ran using -x15 the following is what is
>> generated at login:
>> That seems ok. Then disconnect:
>This is an authentication request, not an accounting request (code=1
>is an auth request). I remember that Win95 use to have a but that
>is sent an auth request before the LCP disconnect, simliar to
>> radrecv: Request from host cf68ee02 code=1, id=7, length=59
>> User-Name = "testing"
>> Password = "\371\235\261!Y\322\245\026a=O\211\224Lm\364"
>> NAS-Identifier =
>> NAS-Port = 1
>> rad_authenticate_ODBC()
>> Password = "\371\235\261!Y\322\245\026a=O\211\224Lm\364"
>> Any Ideas?
>An accounting packet will be code=4. For Calls online to work right,
>you must be receiving accounting packets and have all the ports
>correctly defined in you ServerPorts table.

Yes I've verified all the ports. Now the strange thing, I was testing on a
PM2, I threw the dice and switched one of our production PM3s over to the
new server and it worked. Calls are being logged in the Calls table and
the ServerPorts table is being modified. I'm now running lve with it on
all our PM3s. Perhaps its an issue with PM2? no CallerID field?

Robert Hipp
System Admin

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