Re: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT Setup ODBC...

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 09:22:36 -0800

Robert Hipp wrote:
> Hope someone can give me some clues. We are currently using version 1.16
> (ok stop laughing) and installing 2.5124 using ODBC (MS SQL) on a new
> machine. We ran the sql scripts to create the tables, using mixed security
> set up a user and gave it full permissions to all the tables, setup Radius
> Admin and configured it using this account for DSN and ran the verify. It
> seems that we can log in ok but calls on-line and calls table never get
> updated. Looking in past posts it seems a trigger issue. I re-ran
> insttrig.sql, same results. When we disconnect the dial up a record is
> written to RadLogs table. When ran using -x15 the following is what is
> generated at login:

> That seems ok. Then disconnect:

This is an authentication request, not an accounting request (code=1
is an auth request). I remember that Win95 use to have a but that
is sent an auth request before the LCP disconnect, simliar to

> radrecv: Request from host cf68ee02 code=1, id=7, length=59
> User-Name = "testing"
> Password = "\371\235\261!Y\322\245\026a=O\211\224Lm\364"
> NAS-Identifier =
> NAS-Port = 1
> rad_authenticate_ODBC()
> Password = "\371\235\261!Y\322\245\026a=O\211\224Lm\364"
> Any Ideas?

An accounting packet will be code=4. For Calls online to work right,
you must be receiving accounting packets and have all the ports
defined in you ServerPorts table.

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