[RadiusNT] few questions

Novil Mulianas ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 19:01:17 -0700

hi all,
I have several questions here.
My office implements 2 radius server (each has its own sql server with same user authentication data).
We split into 2 server for the sake of load balancing.

1. If we want to apply concurrency control and time banking, would that be a problem? For instance if we strict one login per session on a user on each radius, that would be maximum two concurency login for that user, right?
And also if we strict login time for each radius would be maximum two times length of time banking set.
Is there any way to sync these two radius?

2. Different question, is that possible to split sql server for authentication only and for accounting only?

thanx in advance


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