RE: [RadiusNT] GRIC / IPASS Roaming?

Kenneth D. Lenox ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 06:26:27 +0900

We are currently using Vircoms Proxy and Roaming Radius server on our
system. All terminal servers pass info to the Vircom box, which in turn
sends it to the appropriate Database. It costs around $500.00 for just the
roaming features, or $750.00 with the local authentication mode. We use this
as a go between for our Emerald/Radius NT and our roaming partners top
Roaming server.

Ken Lenox

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Subject: Re: [RadiusNT] GRIC / IPASS Roaming?


Your 2nd solution seems very interesting. Anyone out there
running a setup like this?

If I understand well in this setup radiusnt would simply pass all unknown
requests to the roaming server (either ipass or gric) which will return his
answer back to radiunsnt which will again return the answer to the
NAS. right?


At 11:07 PM 12/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Christian Schmit wrote:
>> We currently run radiusnt 2.5 with SQL server 6.5 for
>> 2 years now and are quite satisfied with it.
>> We need to implement roaming services to our dial-up
>> services in very near future. I looked around and found
>> GRIC and IPASS the most interesting partners for doing
>> this.
>> Is anyone using GRIC or IPASS with radiusnt/SQL 6.5?
>> Any recommendations?
>I've used both w/out a problem.
>> Is radiusnt compatible with the technologies offered
>> from IPASS or GIRC?
>You can setup support for them in one of two ways:
>1) You install the RADIUS proxy server software supplied by the roaming
> service (typically a Merit modified daemon) that you run between your
> terminal servers and RadiusNT. The modified proxy server passes all
> non-roaming requests to RadiusNT. This option doesn't require many
> changes, but puts another software package in control of your
> authentication.
>2) If you have an Emerald/RadiusNT license, you can configure RadiusNT
> to pass all unknown proxy requests to the roaming server (which can
> run on the same machine or another one). The advantage of this is
> that you have full control over what is going on, and are not
> dependant on yet another software package in the chain of your users
> getting on.
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