Re: [RadiusNT] Problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 14:52:34 -0800

Lee Wen wrote:
> I tried several configurations and no results. On the debug mode (15),
> it shows the SQL statements (Update TimeLeft=TimeLeft-xx Where ......).
> As I said, I tried all could i do. I tried to run this statement on the
> SQL and it worked! My last option was to hex edit the RADIUS.EXE. I
> found the code on the .EXE and changed this statement as test. For my
> surprise, IT WORKED! I changed the statement to:
> UPDATE SubAccounts Set TimeLeft=Timeleft-Round((%ld/60)+0.5,0) Where
> TimeLeft>0 And Login='%s'
> I noticed that my version of SQL doesn't recognize the word "NULL" or
> something like that. That's because it wasn't working!
> Another problem was that on the field Timeleft, the value are in
> MINUTES, and when the update statement runs, subtracts in SECONDS.
> That's so I put the Round((%ld/60)+0.5,0) on it.
> I would like to know if this bug exists or it's only on my system.

This could be a locale issue. The problem seems to be in the ODBC
driver that causes the statement to silently fail. As you have seen,
it does work if you execute it against SQL server directly.

The mins/secs problem has been noted and corrected in a beta release.
If you are using SQL Server, you should install the trigger that is
located in the radiusnt.sql script. It includes server side
replacements for both of the problems you note above (you should then
turn the manual calls update and manual services update options off
in the RadiusNT admin).

> Another question is:
> I saw on the RadiusNT admin that has a option to "USE DIFFERENT
> ACCOUNTING DSN". I would like to know which tables are necessary to put
> on each database.

To use that feature RadiusNT assumes the database is replicated to the
authentication ODBC DSN. We are in the process of re-working the logic
so that they can be completely seperate databases.

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