Are Passwords the Achilles Heel of Your Network Security Fortress?

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Mon, 19 Oct 1998 17:36:08 -0400

Do your users resist password rules? Are their passwords easy to guess? Do
they write down their passwords? Do they share their passwords with others?
All of these common behaviors can give intruders easy access to your
valuable corporate data, regardless of the strength of your other security

SAFLINK Corporation provides biometric authentication to increase the
security of your network. Biometrics are the measurement of certain
physical or biological characteristics of an individual to create a unique
identifier, which can be electronically stored, retrieved, and compared for
positive identification purposes. They provide virtually bulletproof user
authentication with increased convenience for the most important people on
the network: your users.

SAF/nt is SAFLINK's award winning product used to secure Windows NT
networks with biometrics. A user simply types in their user id and present
a biometric such as a fingerprint, their face or a spoken phrase. SAF/nt
then compares the presented biometric against their previously enrolled
SAFtyPIN (biometric record) and authenticates the users. Users have
greater convenience -- there is nothing to remember -- and you have a more
secure network.

Come see SAF/nt at Networld+Interop '98, in the SAFLINK Corporation Booth
#761 this week in Atlanta or next month at Comdex in Las Vegas. Read the
latest review of SAF/nt in Network World
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If you can not make these shows order your copy of SAF/nt with Voice
Verification for only $149 and experience the convenience of biometrics
for yourself.

The SAFLINK Corporation, based in Tampa, Florida, brings the Power of
Biometric Identification(tm) to enterprise networks and the Internet. The
Company provides cost-effective multi-biometric software solutions to
verify individual identity, to protect business and personal information,
and to replace passwords and PINs in order to safeguard and simplify access
to electronic systems and enable new online services for customers. The
Company's Secure Authentication Facility (SAF) suite of multi-biometric
network security products delivers enterprise-level secure access control
to a growing list of software platforms and network applications, including
Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) and Internet Information Server(R), Novell
NetWare(R) and Computer Associates Unicenter(R) TNG(tm) and its Single
Sign-On(tm) option.
Further information is available through the Company's
World Wide Web site:
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Requires Windows NT Workstation 4.0,
Pentium Processor, 32 MB RAM,
NT Compatible Sound Card and Microphone

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