Com OS 3.8 and Radius 2.5

Mark Colasante ( )
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 15:38:33 -0400

Lucent has released ComOS 3.8 and says that you must add some entries
into your Radius Dictionary file and restart Radius before upgrading to
3.8. Does this apply to Radius 2.5? They say the following entries
need to be made:

ATTRIBUTE Class 25 string
ATTRIBUTE Vendor-Specific 26 string
VALUE Service-Type Call-Check 10

Do I need to make these entries somewhere in my SQL database? If so,
where and what exactly are those entries? Or, does radius 2.5 get the
info from the dictionary file located in my Radius directory. I am
running in ODBC mode only.

Mark Colasante