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David Moore wrote:
> What is the DNIS functionality in the enterprise version supposed to do? I
> cant seem to find any documentation on it.

You might want to re-download the RadiusNT 2.5 docs. The updated docs
the FTP site include a full chapter on the Enterprise features,
DNIS. Here is an excerpt:

DNIS Access

DNIS Access allows you to limit the telephone numbers an Account Type
can log into. When DNIS Access is enabled, RadiusNT will search for a
matching entry in the DNISNumbers table that matches the NAS-Port-DNIS
attribute in the Authentication request (to the DNISNumber field) and
DNISGroupID matching the DNISGroupID field of the AccountType of the
authenticating user. If a match is found access is granted. If no
match is found the user is not allowed to log via that number.

DNIS Access is not enabled by default. You must enable DNIS Access in
the RadiusNT administrator and restart RadiusNT before it will work.

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