[RadiusNT] SNMP Concurrency Problem

Kelly Shubert ( kelly@connect.ab.ca )
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:43:27 -0700


I'm using the enterprise version to do SNMP concurrency control on my 20

I have one USR Total Control Unit which USR claims does not support the
SNMP check to return a username.

I have the livingston units working properly, the problem is that any user
currently logged into the USR can log in concurrently because Radius
attempts to check the box with SNMPand can't verifiy the user is on the
port reported in the callsonline view, and allows them online.

I have removed the values in both the Servers and ServerPorts tables for
Community and SNMPUser for this NAS... Apparently, if there is the
SNMPUser field is null then radius should not attempt and SNMP check and
simply trust the callsonline table. I've debugged it, and it the output
follows... remember, it shouldnt be doing an snmp check.

Resp Time: 31 Auth: 6/0 -> 6 Acct: 11/0/0 -> 11
radrecv: Request from host ce4b280d code=1, id=169, length=88
Checking for duplicate logins.

SQL Statement: RadCheckOnline 'martinent'

martinent found on-line 1 time(s).

SQL Statement: RadCheckOnlineSNMP 'martinent'

SQL Statement: RadGetConfigs 2573

Loading radius defaults for this type...

Then it auth's the user, on any other NAS, it wouldn't auth the user, it
would reject... Ideas?
Also, maybe a way with the stored procedure to have the RadCheckonlineSNMP
come back positive if NASIdentifier=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ???

Maybe there is something I missed.

Kelly Shubert
System Administrator
Internet Connect Inc.
403 428 4638