[RadiusNT] MD5 Encryption

Novil Mulianas ( (no email) )
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 18:42:37 -0700

hi all,
I'm a newbie here and I'm interested in implementing Encryption feature in Radius NT. I tried MD5 Encryption standard using PERL programming (using MD5.pm). I encrypted a 10-character password and produced a 22-character encrypted-password.
When I compare with radius encrypted password (using -E parameter), the length is only 13 character. And, off course, the password is not acked.
Anybody knows what I missed here? or anybody here can give a better way to encrypt a password in MD5 standard other than using PERL programming? or anybody knows a good link to a MD5 (or how to use radius encription feature) documentation?

thanx in advance


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