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Air Marshal (KBID:59013)
After installing Air Marshal when I run ./portald -debug 255 from the /usr/local/portal folder the response is "command not found" what causes this and how can it be corrected?
Air Marshal (KBID:57557)
Air Marshals portal.log file continously reports the following error [ERR]: portal::ses_usage_update: error getting entry IOCTL data from kernel How can I correct this problem?
Air Marshal (KBID:57038)
Our customers are randomly being disconnected with a termination reason of Port-Preempted, what can cause this?
Air Marshal (KBID:56881)
How can I configure a DHCP server on my Air Marshal server to automatically assign network addresses?
Air Marshal (KBID:56879)
How do I configure the SQUID proxy cache to provide transparent proxy services for the HTTP sessions of Air Marshal users?
Air Marshal (KBID:55491)
Is there a way to override the Client timeout in the Air Marshals session settings menu on a per-user basis?
Air Marshal (KBID:55133)
My RADIUS server is down. I want to bypass RADIUS authentication and allow everyone to access the network without authenticating, how can I do this?
Emerald (KBID:58390)
All Emerald search operations on the Oracle platform are case sensitive. How can case-insensitive matching be configured with Oracle?
Emerald (KBID:58389)
When using Emerald the message "[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-12520: TNS:listener could not find available handler for requested type of server" is displayed. What causes this and how can the problem be corrected?
Emerald (KBID:58388)
When using Emerald the message "[ORACLE][ODBC][ORA]ORA-01655: UNABLE TO EXTEND CLUSTER ... IN TABLESPACE ..." is displayed. What causes this and how can the problem be corrected?
Emerald (KBID:57634)
We received an email from Authorize.net telling us they are expanding the range of Transaction IDs issued by the payment gateway. Specifically the email states: The Transaction ID, or x_trans_id, is specified as a 10-digit integer and will only be affected if that value is represented as an INT data type, which has a max value of 2,147,483,647. If you have specified the Transaction ID as a string value, then your system will not be affected. Failure to accommodate 10-digit values larger than 2,147,483,647 will result in your system's inability to accept Authorize.Net transactions.
Emerald (KBID:56909)
Using Emerald on the Sybase ASE platform a query error '...#etisum not found...' is displayed in the billing/credit cards menu. What is causing this and how can it be resolved?
Emerald (KBID:56752)
When entering text in non-english languages into Emerald the data entered is being replaced with question marks. (?????) What is causing this and how can I fix it?
Emerald (KBID:56689)
When attempting to install a new version of Emerald 5 I get a message stating that Emerald is already installed. How can I apply updates to my Emerald 5 system?
Emerald (KBID:56473)
When upgrading from a previous version of Emerald the database creation process fails with the error "Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation." what does this mean and how can it be fixed?
Emerald (KBID:56357)
Can I change the format of Email notice messages to include custom ews or rpt report files?
Emerald (KBID:56058)
When converting an Emerald 2.5 database to Emerald 4.5 the following query error appears the conversion process. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'FK__InvoiceIt__Invoi__689D8392'. The conflict occurred in database 'Emerald', table 'Invoices', column 'InvoiceID' How can this error be corrected?
Emerald (KBID:56057)
When converting an Emerald 2.5 database to Emerald 4.5 the following query fails during the conversion process with a column foreign key constraint error. Insert Into Aliases(Alias, AccountID, CreateDate, LastModifyDate, LastModifyUser) Select Alias, AccountID, CreateDate, LastModifyDate, LastModifyUser From Emerald4..Aliases How can this be corrected?
Emerald (KBID:56056)
When converting an Emerald 2.5 database to Emerald 4.5 I get the following error during the conversion process: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]There are PayPeriods missing from the Emerald 2.5 PayPeriods table. How can this problem be fixed?
Emerald (KBID:56049)
When printing a report, the second window comes up, but nothing is displayed. There is also nothing logged in the Emerald log for a failed reports.
Emerald (KBID:56004)
Are the FreeBSD 5.0 versions of Emerald and RadiusX compatible with FreeBSD 6.0?
Emerald (KBID:55892)
Operators not in the Admin group do no get Audit Log entries created when they change information in Emerald.
Emerald (KBID:55722)
Is there a way for Emerald to enforce Unique checking for Email addresses entered into the services Email field similiar to the checking done for the Login field?
Emerald (KBID:55715)
When trying to Email an HTML report, we are getting a -3 error.
Emerald (KBID:55615)
Is Emerald and RadiusNT compatible with Windows 2000,2003 and XP?
Emerald (KBID:55368)
My server started crashing after installing Emerald? When I do certain things within Emerald my server crashes? Why is Emerald crashing my server?
Emerald (KBID:55367)
After installing SQL 2000 the server has begun flooding our network with traffic and the SQL server process is using a very high amount of processor time. What might be happening? Do I have a virus?
Emerald (KBID:55342)
We've noticed the users online report in Emerald is sometimes not accurate. With concurrency control enabled customers are sometimes denied access for being online while they are not actually logged on. What is going on and how can I fix it?
Emerald (KBID:55341)
Recently I noticed the users online report is not being updated and new call records are not being logged when we do a calls search. What is going on and how can I fix it?
Emerald (KBID:55326)
How can I setup a time limited account so that a user is only allowed network access for a specific number of hours each month?
Emerald (KBID:54902)
How can I change the HTTP or HTTPS ports Emerald listens on?
Emerald (KBID:54743)
Why can I only send email messages such as invoices and statements to customers in our domain?
Emerald (KBID:54589)
After creating or upgrading to a new Emerald database I get errors while viewing reports, several options in the global menu are missing and other database query related errors are encountered while using Emerald? What is wrong and how can I fix it?
Emerald (KBID:54442)
How do I get a count of MBRs currently in use?
Emerald (KBID:54429)
When opening up an incident, can Emerald send to more than one e-mail address at a time?
Emerald (KBID:54415)
What do I configure to allow my customers to login to Emerald and check their account status, make payments..etc?
Emerald (KBID:54325)
I added the RadiusNT v5 license key I received to the RadiusNT admin, yet the RadiusNT 5 features such as attribute filtering and alternate failure profiles do not appear in Emerald.
Emerald (KBID:54304)
Why when I cancel some accounts they are not getting automatically inactivated and statements are still being sent out to these customers?
Emerald Billing (KBID:59651)
While processing credit cards using authorize.net I receive the error "error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed." What is causing this and how can the problem be corrected?
Emerald Billing (KBID:57105)
There is an account with a negative (credit) balance. I have created a Point of Sale invoice on the account and made a payment, but the Point of Sale invoice is not showing up on the statement following it.
Emerald Billing (KBID:56429)
When viewing Invoices and Statements the base amount multiplied by the quantity does not add up to exactly the total amount shown. Why is this?
Emerald Billing (KBID:56428)
How come there is still an unpaid amount showing on an invoice even though the MBR has 0 or credit balance?
Emerald Billing (KBID:56145)
How do I configure Emerald to work with Authorize.net using a transaction key generating in my Authorize.net settings page?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55903)
Using Emerald 4.5.11 or earlier when exporting realtime card transactions or importing a batch of transactions the following error is displayed: credit card Import query failed. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]String or binary data would be truncated. How can this problem be fixed?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55862)
When sending CC or EFT transactions to the payment gateway using HTTPS over the Internet the transactions fail with the error: error:00000006:lib(0):func(0):EVP lib. What would cause this problem and what can be done to fix it?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55690)
While exporting a credit card batch I get the error message 'Credit card export failed Error renaming file tmp_xxxxxxxxx_xxxx to xxxxx'. What can I do to fix this problem?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55648)
I have Emerald 4.5.11 or earlier and the task scheduler is not accepting new tasks. Examing the scheduler log I'm seeing Query errors related to the number of parameters of ScheduleSetLock. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55501)
I need to invoice a customer for their next term in advance however when I click 'Invoice next' nothing happens. What could be wrong?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55421)
When manually entering a credit card payment, the error 'Payment Add Invalid Credit Card Expiration' is returned. The expiration date is correct however the payment is not processed. How can I fix this problem?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55366)
Why do my Credit Card or EFT transactions in Emerald appear in the failed transactions listing as having to be confirmed before they can be exported? Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55328)
I've upgraded to Emerald 4.5.6 or later and statements are not being sent out to some of my customers. What is happening and what can I do to fix it?
Emerald Billing (KBID:55097)
Some of our time limitied accounts are close to their alloted usage when searching the call history however Emerald shows in the time left field that they have already gone over their time for the month. What would cause this?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54492)
How do I change the FROM Email or Subject of Invoices and Statements sent to my customers?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54472)
How do I set the default option for creating setup charges to 'Yes' or 'No' when adding a new service?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54471)
How do configure Emerald 4.5 to pro-rate a credit for the days left in accounts month when canceling a service?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54419)
How can I issue credits to a customer through Emerald using credit card or ACH?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54397)
Some customers are getting multiple E-mail statements sent out to them from previous terms. What would cause this?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54389)
Does the Emerald web server or the Emerald Scheduler control the outbound/inbound traffic to card processors such as authorize.net?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54384)
I want to change or switch a customers service mid-month, what is the best way to do that while calculating the correct pro-rated amounts for the difference?
Emerald Billing (KBID:54328)
When I view the failed transactions report, why do some entries show up with the retry button, yet others do not?
Emerald External (KBID:56327)
I'm using IMail 2006 with Emerald using Emerauth and customers are not able to make changes to their accounts using the Imail interface. What can be done to fix this?
Emerald External (KBID:55822)
Is a customer sign-up server avaliable for Emerald 4.5? If so where can I download this signup server?
Emerald External (KBID:55489)
What is required for an external system (IMail, MailSite, LDAP, etc) to see users in Emerald?
Emerald External (KBID:55468)
I would like to upgrade my Emerald 2.5 system to Emerald 4.5 myself bypassing the Emerald web interface for the conversion.. How can I do this?
Emerald External (KBID:55380)
After upgrading from Imail 8.13 or earlier to Imail 8.14 or later my Imail web interface, admin and calendaring functions stopped working. Is Emerald compatible with version 8.14 or later?
Emerald External (KBID:55357)
Why while bringing up a list of users for a particular domain using the Imail console less customers appear than what is actually setup for that domain in Emerald?
Emerald External (KBID:54416)
How would I add a linux system as an external system for adding users?
Emerald Report (KBID:59292)
When I click 'Current Activity' button from Emerald Admin / Database menu only the current process is displayed. How can this be changed to show all processes?
Emerald Report (KBID:56602)
How can I use Crystal Reports for billign and reports with Emerald V5, rather the default .ews template files?
Emerald Report (KBID:55839)
I've created custom report on the UNIX version of Emerald by creating a new .ews report stored in the /usr/local/emerald/web/reports folder. When logged on as administrator the report works however when logged on as a non-admin operator group the report generates an access denied error. What would cause this and how can this problem be resolved?
Emerald Report (KBID:55485)
When I do a call search within a service the services call records do not show in the call history -- however when searching for the same customer from the global call search in the reports menu the customers calls appear. Why the difference and how can I fix the problem?
Emerald Report (KBID:55382)
I want to include a telephone number on the invoices and statements we send to our customers however I can't find a field in Emerald 4.5 to do this? Is this possible?
Emerald Report (KBID:55329)
I need to extract data from the Emerald database and need to know where to find various fields. Is documentation avaliable for the Emerald database schema? Can IEA help me?
Emerald Report (KBID:54920)
How can I print out a human readable listing of all MBRs and services within Emerald?
Emerald Report (KBID:54694)
I upgraded from Emerald 4.5.5 to Emerald 4.5.6. I have an error when sending html statements/invoices/reciepts. Export Report: ExportTo failed: Error in Fiel C:\program files\emerald\web\reports\Payemail.rpt: Invalid Export DLL or Export Format.
Emerald Report (KBID:54510)
What determines due date as it appears on the customers statement of account?
Emerald Report (KBID:54452)
I am running the webserver in debug mode and I am getting the following: ExporTo failed: Missing or out-of-date export DLL I can't print anything. The webserver debug is saying "Invalid export DLL or export format"
Emerald Report (KBID:54441)
What is the difference between system and custom reports in Emeralds system/reports menu?
Emerald Report (KBID:54369)
What is the difference between the aging report in the MBR detail vs the global aging report found in the reports menu?
Emerald Report (KBID:54306)
When I try to print various customer information such as a statements or invoices I get the error access to report reportname.rpt Denied. What could be causing this?
Emerald Security (KBID:57360)
How do I disable SSL certificate validation for transactions sent through the Emerald batch system for provisioning and CC/EFT processing?
Emerald Security (KBID:57236)
How do I disable HTTP access to Emerald and redirect HTTP requests to the SSL/HTTPS port?
Emerald Security (KBID:56361)
How can I create a certificate for Emerald using Thawte as my CA?
Emerald Security (KBID:55721)
After creating a new operator group operators assigned to the new group receive a message 'access denied on main.ews' while logging on. What could the problem be?
Emerald Security (KBID:55523)
How do I install a secure server (SSL) certificate to enable secure connections to Emerald?
Emerald Security (KBID:55327)
I forgot my password to access the Emerald configuration server or the RadiusNT admin. How can I reset my access password?
Emerald Security (KBID:54453)
What do I need to do before any changes I make in Emeralds operator security take effect?
Emerald Security (KBID:54438)
When customers login to the customer interface they get an access denied error on Password or adding Incidents when trying to change their password or billing information. What would cause this and how can I fix it?
RadiusNT (KBID:59417)
How can I set RadiusNT/X to accept RADIUS requests from any IP Address without first adding a RADIUS client for the address?
RadiusNT (KBID:56497)
Does Emerald and RadiusNT/X enable call and network traffic intercept per government regulation for law enforcement assistance such as the US CALEA requirements?
RadiusNT (KBID:56404)
When clients attempt to authenticate I'm seeing a "Bad Digest" error in my RADIUS authentication log and the authentication fails. How can I fix this error?
RadiusNT (KBID:56011)
When starting radiusd on the linux platform the error message cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied is displayed for libldapssl30.so. What is causing this and how can it be fixed?
RadiusNT (KBID:55754)
We are proxying accounting for a particular realm to a remote RADIUS server and would like this data to also be logged to our local Calls database. Is it possible to both proxy a request and record it locally?
RadiusNT (KBID:55709)
How can I query RadiusNT SNMP usage statistics via the RADIUS MIB on the Windows platform?
RadiusNT (KBID:55632)
How can I update Emerald or RadiusNT/X to support the Proxyconn web accelerator service?
RadiusNT (KBID:55499)
When matching a RADIUS filter for Attribute filtering or proxy are the 'Starts With', 'Ends With' and Substring search types case sensitive?
RadiusNT (KBID:55352)
I want to allow certain users to authenticate without having to enter a password, is this possible and how do I configure RadiusNT/X to allow this?
RadiusNT (KBID:55349)
I'm trying to authenticate using EAP-PEAP and get the following error: Authenticate: from ... - PEAP err - TLS handshake failed PEAP err - TLS handshake failed error:1408A0C1:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:no shared cipher How can I fix this problem?
RadiusNT (KBID:55347)
What are the steps to configure RadiusNT/X to authenticate wireless clients via 802.1x / EAP and obtain a certificate for use with EAP - PEAP?
RadiusNT (KBID:54978)
The RadiusNT admin listens for web requests on port 8011 which interferes with other services we have already installed on the same computer, is there a way to change the port the RadiusNT admin listens on?
RadiusNT (KBID:54731)
I changed the IP address of my computer and now RadiusNT/X won't start. What would cause this and how do I fix it?
RadiusNT (KBID:54477)
Does RadiusNT/X support DSL authentication?
RadiusNT (KBID:54371)
I want to configure RadiusNT/X to accept incoming proxied requests from my port providers RADIUS servers, do I need the Professional edition of RadiusNT/X and how do I do this?
RadiusNT Acct (KBID:55673)
I want to log additional data from RADIUS accounting records to the Calls table, how can this be done?
RadiusNT Acct (KBID:55400)
The Call records avaliable from the Emerald call history or the Calls table directly show two attributes corrosponding to the amount of data used by the customer during their session. The attributes are Acct-Input-Octets and Acct-Output-Octets. Which of the attributes displays the users input vs output byte count?
RadiusNT Auth (KBID:56665)
How do I setup a dialup customer so that they are only able to authenticate if calling from a specific number using Caller ID?
RadiusNT Auth (KBID:55974)
How can I configure RadiusNT/X to authenticate everyone and anyone with any password from a specific realm or domain?
RadiusNT Auth (KBID:55410)
I'm trying to authenticate wireless clients using the EAP-PEAP protocol and get the following error from RadiusNT: 'PEAP err - SSL_write wants read, however the protocol has no provision for it' What can I do to resolve the problem?
RadiusNT Auth (KBID:55389)
How can I disable RadiusNT/X concurrency checking on a per access server basis?
RadiusNT Auth (KBID:54861)
How do I configure Ascend data filter attributes so that my customers can only connect to specific SMTP servers when they connect to the network?
RadiusNT Auth (KBID:54363)
Why are customers able to authenticate after their their time remaining has reached zero or less?