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Voice / VoIP Billing & Rating

Emerald Professional and Enterprise editions provide the basic and advanced features necessary to enable prepaid and postpaid billing of voice services.

  • Call Rounding Many per-call rounding options are available including rounding up, down, nearest, 6 second, 18/6, 30/6, 60/6 and 60 second rounding.

  • Time based rates Bill customers at different rates depending on the time of day, day of week, week of month and holidays. Emeralds "slot-less" design provides for any number of time based rates without limits. Overlapping time specifications are automatically resolved by determining the most specific match for the situation.

  • Voice Rating UI Rate tables consisting of phone numbers, prefixes and suffixes can be inputted or imported each with separate per minute pricing, bong charges or static per call pricing for information services. Rate grouping allows many rate tables to be virtually merged together for billing purposes. Overlapping rate table matches are automatically handled by selection of the most specific and relevant match.

  • Accuracy Fully transactional rating process ensures consistent results.

  • CDR Processing Import CDR records for processing from virtually any ODBC compliant data source. Support for new formats and data fields are configurable through the Emerald rating UI.

  • RADIUS/AAA Prepaid Voice Limits call duration based on available balance and destination number. Prevent subscribers from exceeding available credit balance. Supports Cisco prepaid debit card IVR applications and similar offerings from other vendors. Enforce access controls preventing customers from dialing specific destination numbers, prefixes or suffixes.

  • SIP Digest Authentication RadiusNT/X supports HTTP/SIP digest authentication for interoperability with RADIUS enabled SIP Servers.

  • Usage Based Pricing Configure rates based on the total amount of time used during a month. For example first three hours at .03/min then .02/min thereafter.

  • Cost Ceilings Enables minimum and maximum monthly price of all rated calls on a per customer basis.

  • Reseller Billing / Settlement Call records can be simultaneously billed to multiple parties at different rates.

  • Session Manager Monitors active call sessions disconnecting calls based on dynamic changes to customer account status preventing prepaid usage leakage under changing conditions. Requires devices supporting RFC3576 disconnect messages.

  • Prepaid Card Management Integrated prepaid card generation and management enables simplified path to providing prepaid calling card solutions.

  • Emerald! The Emerald suite provides one-time and automatic recurring billing, account management, customer self-management, CRM, reporting, credit card and EFT processing in a single integrated application suite.
Please see the Emerald product page for a complete list of features.