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RadiusNT & RadiusX
High Performance, High Availability RADIUS AAA Servers
For the Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista/2008, 2012, Sparc Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux platforms.

Version 5.1 Professional & Enterprise Editions
Now Available!

IEA Software is a worldwide leader in high performance RADIUS servers. From RadiusNT, the first RADIUS server for the Windows platform to RadiusX for the SPARC Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux platforms.

RadiusNT/X offers a unique fault tolerant database centric approach to RADIUS/AAA where all aspects of the servers operation are managed from the database. Authentication, accounting, concurrency enforcement, access lists, roaming, logging, data dictionaries, local configuration options and much more can all be centrally managed. All database interfaces are documented and customizable providing simplified integration with existing management systems.


Our Extensive Proxy & Roaming support makes RadiusNT/X ideal for network aggregators and port providers. Features such as store-and-forward accounting ensure reliable delivery of vital accounting data to your customers while at the same time ensuring failure or delivery delays caused by malfunctioning downstreams do not adversely affect access hardware or your network infrastructure. Extensive support for proxy load balancing, failover, forwarding rate limiting, circular path detection, retry dampening, authenticator versioning and packet replay ensure reliability and efficient use of available signaling bandwidth.

Rules based filtering enables complex decisions to be applied to authentication, accounting and proxy requests in support of customized application processing without programming / scripting. The filtering system also provides advanced scalability features such as content-based deterministic load balancing for request routing.

RadiusNT/X secures your Wired or Wireless LANs by providing secure authentication and encryption keys to protect all data moving over the network. Extensive array of 802.1x/EAP protocols ensures compatibility with a wide range of wireless supplicants and compatibility with access points supporting RADIUS & WPA/WPA2 security.

Cisco specific VoIP attribute parsing, SIP digest authentication and integrated real-time rating engine for use with Emerald make RadiusNT/X an ideal system for supporting voice applications.

In corporate settings RadiusNT/X enterprise edition provides LDAP authentication, SNMP and syslog monitoring, token security cards, integration with popular VPN technologies and support for a wide array of encrypted password formats.

RadiusNT and RadiusX are available in two separate packaging options based on your needs. There is no price difference for either packaging option:

Those wishing to integrate RadiusNT/X with an existing platform can opt to install the RadiusNT only package. This package includes the RADIUS server, documentation and schemas for simplified integrating with an existing platform.

RadiusNT/X is also available as a component of IEA Software's world class Emerald Management Suite. Emerald provides an easy to use centralized Web based UI for managing all RadiusNT/X servers on the network, configuring access accounts, trouble ticketing as well as diagnostic logging and reporting activities. The use of Emerald is included with RadiusNT/X however Emerald billing related features are unavailable when used with a RadiusNT/X only license.

Our RADIUS servers are licensed exclusively on a per-server basis without regard for the number of users, concurrent sessions or processors. RadiusNT/X is available in two editions, Professional and Enterprise (see below). For order information, please see our product Pricing site. We also offer a variety of Support resources to help ensure your success with our products.

Professional Edition Features and Benefits  

    Based on industry-standard RADIUS protocols supporting the following IETF RFCs: RFC 2284, RFC 2548, RFC 2619, RFC 2621, RFC 2759, RFC 2865, RFC 2866, RFC 2867, RFC 2868, RFC 2869, RFC 2882, RFC 3078, RFC 3079, RFC 3162, RFC 3576, RFC 3579, RFC 3580, RFC 4590, RFC 4679, RFC 5090, RFC 6911, RFC 6929 and RFC 6930.
    Supports multiple authentication protocols: PAP, CHAP, MSCHAPv1 and MSCHAPv2, HTTP digest/SIP, Wireless 802.1x/EAP authentication: EAP-LEAP (Cisco aironet), EAP-PEAP (v0 and v1), EAP-TTLS, EAP-GTC, EAP-MD5 and EAP-MSCHAPv2.
    Authenticate users from a wide range of sources, multiple sources can be used concurrently on a per-user or per-domain basis. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others as configured. Standard RADIUS Users text file, UNIX password file, Windows authentication (SAM,AD..etc) (RadiusNT only), UNIX authentication (local, NIS+..etc) (RadiusX Only). Additional sources available in Enterprise version.
    IPv6 transport and attributes
    Multiple database password formats supporting plain text, Emerald encrypted (AES), unix crypt, unix bigcrypt, MD5, SMD5, SHA1 and SSHA1.
    Distributed session concurrency control on a per-user and per-group basis.
    Integrated support for SNMP queries to capable NASes to verify session status.
    Extensive logging and debug options including packet and encrypted tunnel level logging and support for syslog hosts.
    Takes advantage of an unlimited number of ODBC databases for fault tolerant authentication and accounting services.
    Main memory indexing provides fast response times for large numbers of users and session profiles.
    Cisco VOIP attribute parsing for accounting.
    'Smart caching' optionally keeps external ODBC database accounts synchronized with fast internal database for higher performance and an additional layer of fault tolerance against external database failure.
    Self-tuning ODBC accounting spooler dynamically provides high throughput or high concurrency based on current accounting load.
    Attribute filtering support rules based modification of attributes as well as external ODBC access allowing complex decisions to be made based on attributes coming in, going out or proxied through RadiusNT/X. Attribute filtering enables new classes of operator specific applications without custom programming or scripting.
    Rule based attribute proxy of authentication or accounting requests
    Alternate failure profiles allow bad requests to be acknowledged with a custom set of attributes. This allows the configuring of limited network access for customers whose accounts may have lapsed or need to pay for additional network access.
    Strip domain capabilities for flexible roaming support
    IP address pool management
    DNIS restriction and access
    Server and port access controls with individual time of day and session limits
    Intelligent database interface - Dynamic parameter checking allows authentication stored procedure full access to RADIUS attributes. All internal queries are documented and configurable through the administrative web interface. They provide complete control over the ODBC database interface and make integration with third-party systems easy.
    Attribute based authentication reject list
    Real-time view of all established user sessions
    User-updatable RADIUS dictionary. Included dictionary contains specific VSAs for over sixty popular vendors. Need support for an unknown vendor? Simply send us the vendors RADIUS dictionary and our support staff will provide you with an automated update script to support the new vendor.
    SNMP Statistics provides detailed information in real-time about the RADIUS server to an external monitoring station such as WhatsUp, MRTG, Openview, Solarwinds and other SNMP capable monitoring packages.
    Extensive, Scalable proxy roaming /w proxy server load balancing, rate limiting, failover, proxy loop detection, accounting store & forward modes, complete proxy replay at all stages and retry dampening to proxy targets provides a higher level of efficiency and reliability in large roaming/aggregation networks.
    Packet replay for local requests improves performance over congested networks and improves consistency of accounting data by better detecting duplicate requests
    Virtual Class correlation provides best-effort Class attribute support for both local and proxy requests in cases where NAS devices are not capable of supporting the Class attribute
    Eliminates the need to maintain separate subscriber lists for security and billing, and enables enhanced billing schemes such as network usage, prepaid and VOIP
    All local RADIUS server configurations can be stored in an ODBC database allowing central management of any number of RadiusNT/X servers
    Comphrensive datatype support includes standard RADIUS, Ascend binary filters, Tunnel (Tag) attributes, IPv6 and RedBack 64-bit integers.
    Compatible with RADIUS-compliant NAS, VPNs and wireless APs from hundreds of vendors. Please contact us if you have questions about compatibility.
    Includes our RADIUS test client. The test client provides valuable testing and NAS simulation facilities in addition to health monitoring and notification for up to hundreds of RFC compliant RADIUS servers.
    Includes Emerald! Our easy to use web based centralized management platform providing RadiusNT/X configuration, account management, CRM, reporting, customer self-management and signup. Emerald provides a complex operator access model allowing operators to be restricted to accessing specified groups of accounts with separate fine grain access controls for each operator and group. Emerald supports SSL encryption and operator sensitive IP-based access restrictions. NOTE: Billing features of Emerald are not available with a RadiusNT/X only license. When using Emerald with a RadiusNT/X only license there are no licensing restrictions on the number of accounts that can be managed.

Enterprise Edition Features and Benefits

Includes all Professional Edition features plus:

    Token card authentication for RSA's SecurID, Axents Defender and Secure Computings Safeword.
    Flexible LDAP client for authentication provides interoperability with virtually any LDAP directory schema including NDS and AD by providing custom search parameters and a user configurable mapping of data between RADIUS attributes + values and LDAP objects + values.
    A simple, powerful external authentication API provides compatibility with custom authentication datasources.
    TACACS+ client for authentication.
    Logged accounting and proxy provides protection against loosing 'in-flight' accounting data in the event of a system failure.
System Requirements

RadiusNT runs on any edition of Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista/2008 and 2012. The system requirements of Windows systems are:

    Any edition of Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista/2008 and 2012
    128 MB of available RAM or greater
    100 MB or greater disk space
    Pentium 200 or greater
    Web browser

RadiusNT can optionally run with any of the relational databases listed below. You need to have a working knowledge of your database. Please use the following guidelines:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 or 2012
    Sybase SQL Server 11.9.2 or greater
    Oracle Server 10g or greater
    PostgreSQL 7.2 or greater*
    MySQL 4.1 or greater*
    Other ODBC complient RDBMs via configured format*
    * Emerald UI is compatible only with Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase or Oracle.

RadiusX for SPARC Solaris, FreeBSD or Linux installations. The system requirements of UNIX systems are:

    Solaris 2.6+, FreeBSD 5+ or Linux
    128 MB of available RAM or greater
    30 MB or greater disk space
    Perl 5.0 or higher (for installation use only)
    Web browser

RadiusX can optionally run with any of the relational databases listed below. You need to have a working knowledge of your database. Please use the following guidelines:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 or 2012
    Sybase SQL Server 11.9.2 or greater
    Oracle Server 10g or greater
    PostgreSQL 7.2 or greater*
    MySQL 4.1 or greater*
    * Emerald UI is compatible only with Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase or Oracle.
Downloading Instructions
Please visit the download center to obtain an evaluation license key and download the software.
RadiusNT RadiusX for Linux