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Mobile Board Express v2

SMS Public Messaging Suite
Chat * SMS Voting * SMS Trivia * SMS Ordering * Messaging * Advertising
Now available for the Windows platform

The Mobile Board Express suite builds on the ubiquity of today's mobile phones and SMS messaging to bring familiar age-old experiences and ideas to an exciting new platform.

On-Screen Chat
Allow patrons to leave text messages on-screen from their mobile phone for all to see. Users can personalize their on-screen identity, message coloring, fonts and styles.

Real-time content filtering enhances the user experience by transforming common words into images/pictographs and expanding popular "texting" shorthand. Lists of inappropriate words or word phrases and groups of such lists may be instantly turned on or off as appropriate to reflect a change in venue.

Operators have the ability to quickly and easily monitor messages on-site or from remote locations. Inappropriate messages can be removed or abusive users temporarily or permanently banned from further use of the system with a single mouse click.

Support for multi-lingual/Unicode characters enable display of SMS messages sent in a multitude of languages.

SMS Voting
Need to know your most popular food, drink or which team is most likely to make the playoffs? Ask your customers! From a mobile phone voting is as easy as sending a text message. Polling results are continually updated on-screen as votes are received.

Common voting questions can be stored and replayed later when needed. New votes are easily started from the Operator interface or an authorized users mobile phone.

Mobile Board Express display kiosk

SMS Trivia
Q. What is a fun interactive way to keep customers coming back? A. Trivia! To join in the game users need only text their answer to questions appearing on-screen. At the end of each question players can see how they and others have done.

Design your own questions and game categories. Even upload images to be displayed alongside your questions. Images may be presented immediately with the question or shown prior to the question to test the players memory of the image.

Common game settings including question categories and timing options can be recalled as needed making it extremely easy for operators to begin a new game from the operator interface or an authorized users mobile phone.

Mobile Board Express - Trivia Operator UI

SMS Order Management
Want to accept incoming orders via SMS? Mobile Boards touch screen optimized order management kiosk enables incoming orders sent from your customers mobile phone to be easily processed.

With a touch of a button customers are instantly contacted as the status of their order changes.

Configurable order states and outgoing messages give you control over the ordering process to best suite your organizations individual requirements.

Use of the ordering feature can be opened to the public or require a manual process to vet customers and record important information such as real name, address and age into mobile boards contact database.

Mobile Board Express - Order Kiosk

Send Outgoing SMS Messages
Organizing a team or club and need to keep everyone in the loop? Want to let dozens or thousands know of important upcoming events? User groups enable the public to subscribe or unsubscribe to announcements via SMS. For example to subscribe for bowling league updates users simply text "join bowling" to join the leagues notification group.

Bulk message recipients may be based on a number of criteria including group membership, last active date, name and phone number. Messages can be sent right away or queued for delivery at a future date.

Included high performance SMPP client enables easy scaling of bulk messaging from small groups with dozens of users to large groups with hundreds of thousands of users.

Mobile board express includes a number of safety features when sending messages to help prevent or mitigate any mistakes such as recipient previews, queue expirations, real-time queue management and an "all stop" button.

Advertising Campaigns
Use Mobile Boards advertising system to highlight specials, promote upcoming events or important company information.

Several display options including on-screen banners, backgrounds and full screen ads are supported. Additional auxiliary advertising displays enable different ads within a campaign to be presented simultaneously on multiple screens.

Campaigns can be limited to specific hours, days of the week and starting + ending periods. Importance of each campaign may be customized such that higher priority ads are displayed more often than others.

Campaigns and advertising imagery are easily centrally managed from the systems operator interface.

Detailed campaign reporting lets you review count, duration and system activity metrics at the time ads were displayed. Useful information should you need to bill third parties for their use of advertising space.

System Features

    Secure, scalable database centric multi-user system accessible from any IP network.
    Group level operator security enforces access limits based on categories of operators.
    Latin and international Unicode character sets fully supported when sending and receiving SMS messages.
    "Themes" based on standard CSS technology enable customized style and appearances of all operator and kiosk displays.
    On-screen displays include presentation in 9 different languages. Existing translations can be customized or entirely new translations for languages currently not supported may be added easily using the integrated language editor.
    Automated scheduling and processing of normal maintenance activities including log, data trimming and database backups enable the system to run continually with minimal maintenance.
    Utilizes GSM Modem / Mobile Phone or Internet based SMPP messaging providers for maximum choice and flexibility.
    Installs in just minutes!

System Requirements

    Windows 2000-2012, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
    SMS: Internet SMPP messaging provider OR Compatible GSM mobile phone
    512MB available memory / 4GB available disk space / 1.5GHz CPU
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, SQL Express or Mobile Board /w MSDE
Downloading Instructions

Visit the download center to obtain an evaluation license key and download Mobile Board Express to begin your complimentary evaluation.

To evaluate the software you must first obtain a license key from the download center or please feel free to contact us for assistance. During your evaluation full access to product support is complimentary. Please feel free to contact our support group with any questions.

For your convenience the current version of Mobile Board Express is available for download from the following links: