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Emerald v4 Online Demonstration

To help better evaluate Emerald we have created a fictitious access provider and client base to help simulate an actual ISP complete with with resellers, clients regularly logging on and off, and some sample call/accounting data. We have however disabled access to certain functionality within Emerald for security reasons.

Sample data includes a list of all Libraries in the state of Massachusetts, USA entered into the 'Bookworm' billing group and the GRIC roaming POP list entered into the ISP group which is said to give free access to operators of competeing ISPs!?


Be courteous - of others. Actions such as changing the operator passwords from their defaults prevent others from accessing the server. The demo database is automatically restored each night at midnight Pacific Time (-800 GMT).

If you have any questions about the demo server or our products and services, please feel free to Contact Us.

Access Instructions

The demo server is accessed from the following URL: http://demo.iea-software.com

Adobe reader version 5 or later is required to view the output of reports.

Account / Group Description Login Password
Administrator account - provides full access to Emerald admin pass1
Accounting/CSR - system wide accounting administrator accounting pass1
Tech - system wide technical support account tech pass1
Bookworm Accounting - Accounting operator with access to reports and the Bookworm group bookadmin pass1
ISP Tech - Technical operator with access limited to viewing ISP accounts isptech pass1

Demo System Information

Emerald is installed on a FreeBSD 5.0 system running on a Pentium 233 with 128MB of RAM.

Note: Windows versions of Emerald use crystal reports to render reports which provide additional display and charting capabilities not shown in this demo.

The backend database server is Microsoft SQL 2000, hosted on a PII 300 with 512MB of RAM.