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Billing, Customer Care and Provisioning solutions for service providers - Emerald Management Suite v5

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Comprehensive Billing, Authentication and Customer Care Solution

For Microsoft Windows and Linux (Intel) platforms.

Version 5 Basic, Standard, HotSpot, Professional and Enterprise Editions Now Available!


For over a decade IEA Software's Emerald Suite has been a leader in service provider billing, customer management, RADIUS/AAA and provisioning. The Emerald Suite of products has been proven to be reliable, available, manageable and scalable. With thousands of installations around the globe, Emerald and RadiusNT/X manage millions of users worldwide.

Emerald is an integrated suite of tools providing billing, reseller billing, customer care, provisioning, customer self management, prepaid cards, authentication, and much more to organizations around the world. The Emerald Management Suite is an easy to use package designed to meet the needs of those providing network or Internet services, or anyone requiring a robust customer management system. The suite is designed to be powerful, yet efficient, even where management of a large number of users may be required.

You can easily grow your business at your own pace, buying additional MBRs when the need arises. For order information, please check out our Pricing web page. We also offer you a variety of Support resources to help ensure your success with our products.

Emerald offers many useful features to help automate customer accounting and administration. These features include the complete management and configuration of user accounts, auto-scheduled and manual billing options, customer care and incident tracking, historical and on-line usage monitoring, system event logging, and a wide variety of customizable reporting options. Emerald provides the flexibility to be individually customized and tailored to meet your distinct organizational needs.

In the highly competitive telecommunications market, the key to success is organization and low overhead. Emerald reduces system redundancy and increases efficiency by consolidating user administration, technical support and billing into one application suite. The centralized system keeps the information in sync and up to date across all areas of your business. Additionally, Emerald's web-based interface has been designed to meet today's complex system needs, supporting both multi-platform environments and secure remote user access. Using this approach, Emerald promotes a positive company image by providing accurate and timely information in a uniform, professional format for your staff and customers alike.

Emerald provides extensive integration with many third-party products enabling your organization to centrally maintain many differing systems from within a single interface. A significant feature of the Emerald Management Suite is it's direct full-feature integration with RadiusNT/X. This core system component allows any equipment that is RADIUS compatible to access the Emerald user database to validate user accounts, as well as manage and monitor user access of your system.

New UI customization features and expanded licensing options make Emerald ideal for any environment with a need to bill clients on a one-time or recurring basis and manage customer requests utilizing Emeralds integrated CRM features. Emerald has been used successfully in many areas outside of the network services arena.

Emerald version 5 includes more than a hundred new or enhanced features since the previous major release of Emerald 4.5 Click here for details.

Edition column headings below shown with each group of features are based on the following:

EditionMBR LicenseRADIUS Included
Emerald Basic Edition (Basic)500 IncludedDoes not include RadiusNT/X
Emerald Standard Edition (Std)500 IncludedIncludes single server RadiusNT/X v5 standard license
Emerald Express Edition (Exp)UnlimitedIncludes single server RadiusNT/X v5 standard license
Emerald Hot-Spot Edition (HS)500 IncludedIncludes single server RadiusNT/X v5 standard license /w EAP
Emerald Professional (Pro)500 IncludedIncludes single server RadiusNT/X v5 professional license
Emerald Enterprise (Ent)500 IncludedIncludes two server RadiusNT/X v5 enterprise licenses

BasicExpStdHSProEntAccount Management & Support Features
"Hot Key" support for quick menu system navigation
Automatic determination and entry of city/state based on postal code
Automatic payment and account lookup using credit card swipe reader
Automatic invoice and statement lookup using printed barcode scanner
Configurable custom data fields integrated into Service and MBR detail displays
Call center automated account lookup provides identification of incoming calls by location, phone company and matching Emerald accounts if available. The included CallerID Search 'pop up' application supports modem call notification, modem Dialing, YAC and Asterisk call notification. Click here for more information
Operators can perform RADIUS authentication tests against services to verify accessibility
Dynamic client field validation and security based field change lockout
Session Disconnect and CoA support (RFC3576) for RADIUS sessions appearing in the Emerald online sessions report
Email notification system alerts operators and customers to important events such as pending account or credit card expiration, low time or data remaining, incidents needing attention or having been resolved, payment transaction status, new customer welcome messages and much more as configured
Session management server continuously monitors active sessions for changes in account status mitigating risk for prepaid services by enforcing status and authorization changes for active sessions. The management server may be used to enforce concurrency control, time and limits even where multiple sessions for the same account are open concurrently, enforcement of bandwidth usage restrictions, enforcement of account status changes such as disconnecting sessions of accounts having been closed or inactivated and enforcement of authorization attribute changes such as a change of bandwidth allocation
BasicExpStdHSProEntMisc / Platform Features
CSS centric theme system allow branding, custom appearance, content and logos according to criteria such as operator, IP address, browser and device, group, site and time/day
Automatic Language selection based on browser language setting. 10 automated language conversions are currently available including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Arabic. New languages can be added and existing translations updated using the included language editor.
Unlimited session Air Marshal license
BasicExpStdHSProEntBilling Features
Introductory Offers where recurring service pricing changes after an initial period
Packaged accounts allow multiple services to be billed together
Automated recurring billing on period of months or period of days basis
Sales person commission tracking and reporting
Flexible tax structure supporting the following features: piggyback, regional, price inclusive, percentage or static pricing, taxable ceilings or floors and support for Texas Internet tax
Renewal or Balance forward billing
Account aging
Discounts based on static amount or percentage
Send Method charges
Previewing of billing events
Statement & Invoice generation
"Real-time" balance displayed based on currently available network usage
Payment tracking provides historical accuracy for some tax and payment reports by tracking the association of credits and payments to invoice line items over time
Support for non-recurring prepaid services and billing
Emailing of Statements and Invoices
Usage billing (See Rating)
Scheduled, automated billing process including statement creation and sending via email
Failed transaction reporting and management
Duplicate payment detection
Point Of Sale functionality with estimate to invoice conversions
Credits and Adjustments
Monthly, Anniversary and Calendar aligned billing cycles
Late payment fees
Per service type pro-rate settings when opening, closing and changing from or to another service type
BasicExpStdHSProEntCRM/Incident tracking features
Support tickets (Incidents)
Actions' add resolutions to incidents
Configurable incident states, (Open,blocked,WIP,Closed..etc)
Open incident reporting and searching (Full text)
Customer history report
Operator access to RADIUS call and authentication failure data
Custom data fields by incident type
Incident fields can be hidden or displayed as appropriate per incident type
Incident priority settings
Incident Due Date / Resolve By fields with email overdue warnings, overdue escalation and reporting
Role based incident assignments provide for grouping of operators with similar job functions, automatic distribution of new incidents using a load balancing method and a tiering system for overflow assignment
Incident and action time tracking feature for informational purposes or documentation of billable hours
Support for escalations and escalation notification
Incident status change email notifications
BasicExpStdHSProEntCustomer self-management and signup
Integrated new customer signup server
Leverages themes and packages to provide custom look and feel as well as customized access plans
Support for prepaid card pay method at signup
Customize required and visible input fields providing a simplified sign-up process
Supports creation of one-time accounts as well as recurring access accounts
Customer Account Center allows customers to check account status, billing history, change passwords and make payments online
Customers can add new services and change or cancel existing services
Customers can view and print detailed invoices, statements and payment receipts from the customer center
Customers can manage email notifications they receive for announcements, account status, incidents and more
Customers can open support incidents and add notes to existing tickets from the customer account center
BasicExpStdHSProEntNetwork traffic accounting (EmerNet)
Real-time rating for static usage fees and conditional fees based on network, protocol, port and traffic
Promiscuous mode passive ethernet data collection
Cisco Netflow versions 1, 5, 7, 9 and IPFIX (RFC 5101)
Integrated flow cache for improved performance
Support for multiple CPUs / concurrent execution threads
Collector addressing prevents double billing when multiple collectors or netflow exports are enabled throughout the network
BasicExpStdHSProEntReal-Time Usage Rating
Rating based on time of day, day of week, day/week of month and holidays
Per session rounding including per interval up, down, nearest, 6 second, 18/6, 30/6, 60/6 and 60 second rounding
Rating data sources enable rating of data from external sources
Bill concurrently for time and data usage
Pre-rated billing record pass-thru
Bill multiple parties such as end-user and resellers for the same usage
Determination of time remaining based on available balance or credit and other criteria as available such as source and destination address
Criteria based pricing such as source and destination address or prefix, IP network, device port or other available data
Per call detail on invoices and statements
Voice CDR rating based on destination number or prefix, per call fees, bong charges, simplified import of rate tables, rate table grouping, discounting and configurable condition matching (port, call type..etc)
Authorization parameters for RADIUS authentication allow enforcement of access restrictions based on bandwidth consumed and other criteria as defined
Dynamic cost changes after configured time or data consumed
Real-time rating for RADIUS accounting
Rate cost ceilings and floors
BasicExpStdHSProEntReseller Billing
Resellers can set custom pricing on a per service type basis
Operators can set reseller pricing on a per service type basis
Support for detailed (per account) or summarized (by service type) invoicing of resellers
Support for fractional or whole month billing
Separate tracking and reporting of monies for each reseller/organization
Place limits on each resellers Active MBR count
Proxy realm billing to charge external accounts for network access
Real-time usage rating simultaneously at the end-user and reseller levels
BasicExpStdHSProEntPrepaid Card Accounts
"Direct Use" accounts allow the user to directly access services using the login and password provided on the pre-paid card without an initial signup process
Integration with signup server allows collection of customer information, selection of plan, access login funded by pre-paid card
Rechargeable - Existing accounts may be recharged by additional pre-paid cards
Integrated account generator supports creation of secure custom sequence algorithms for login and password generation
Stored profiles provide simplified configuration when creating additional pre-paid card batches
Prepaid data easily exportable in CSV and XML forms
Batch and account level pre-paid card management and statistics
Card use isolated to accounts associated to the same organization as the pre-paid card
Leverages customer account center to provide customer driven provisioning of accounts or additional access funded by prepaid cards
Limited shelf life: Prepaid batches can be configured such that cards having not been used over a period of time automatically expire
Enforce Access Limits: Expiration, session time and data limits, concurrent access limits and currency based rating required for advanced services such as prepaid telephone cards are possible with Emeralds integrated pre-paid card management system
BasicExpStdHSProEntCredit Card and ACH/EFT processing
Multiple payment processors supported by Organization, billing group and card type
Auth+Capture, Credit and Void transactions
Configuration interface in many cases allows "configuring" support for additional processors
PaymentTech (real-time) (real-time)
Payflow Pro (real-time)
IntelliPay (real-time)
Card services
Royal Bank of Canada STD 152
First Data PTC
Concord (real-time)
Transaction Central (real-time)
USA ePay (real-time)
NELiX TransaX (real-time)
Protx (real-time)
Sage Payment Solutions (real-time)
ANZ eGate (real-time)
First Data PayPoint (real-time)
IP Pay (real-time)
SecureNet (real-time)
beanstream (real-time)
Instabill (real-time)
Moneris eSelect (real-time)
Payeezy - First Data (real-time)
Converge - Elavon (real-time)
Cyber Cash - IC Verify
PC-Transact IT
Visanet POS-Partner
Commission reporting
Error summary
Overdue incidents
Expired accounts
Call summaries
Check deposits
Daily payments
Expiring credit cards
General ledger
Revenue forecasting
Deferred revenue
Taxes invoiced and paid
New user summaries
Failed transactions
Current aging
Revenu summary
BasicExpStdHSProEntAudit and Logging
Detailed data access logging
Globally sourced problem summary
Logged operator changes
RADIUS authentication failure
RADIUS accounting
Integrated syslog server provides central logging for routers and NAS devices
View calls and failed authentication attempts
Scheduler task logging
Email logging
FTP Transfer logging
AAA RadiusNT/X included (Click here for RADIUS features included with Emerald)
Generic contact information (LDAP)
QMail (LDAP)
NMS/Sun Messaging Server (LDAP)
Communigate Pro (LDAP)
MDaemon (LDAP)
NIS+ and PAM/NSS UNIX accounts (LDAP)
Surge Mail (LDAP)
Imail (EmerAuth)
Serv-U FTP (EmerAuth)
DNEWS (EmerAuth)
Merak Mail and IceWarp (RDBMS)
Mail Site (RDBMS)
Smarter Mail (HTTPS Post)
Zimbra Mail (HTTPS Post)
Everyone.Net Email Service (HTTPS Post)
Google Apps Email (HTTPS Post)
Helm Control Panel (HTTPS Post)
cPanel Control Panel (HTTPS Post)
DirectAdmin Control Panel (HTTPS Post)
eNom Domain Registration (HTTPS Post)
Diino backup service (HTTPS Post)
eFolder backup service (HTTPS Post)
Mail systems
FTP servers
Web servers
Generic change file export
XML export
HTTP(S) post
X-STOP content filter
BasicExpStdHSProEntSecurity Features
Detailed client action/access logging
AES database field encryption for sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards and account numbers
Operator limits on accepted payment types and amounts
Password & Secure data visibility options for operators and administrators
Emerald 'Active Sessions' showing which operators and customers are currently using Emerald
Short term operator account lockouts for failed authentication attempts
Group level IP access restrictions
Auto logout
Limit operator access privileges on a per-billing group basis
Configurable access restrictions
End-User account center

RadiusNT/X version 5 features

(Note: RadiusNT/X standard edition does not support RadiusNT/X Proxy and Roaming or EAP Authentication)

RadiusNT/X version 5 Enterprise only features

System Requirements

Emerald runs with the relational databases listed below. You need to have a working knowledge of your database. Please use the following guidelines:

Downloading Instructions

You must have a valid license key to use Emerald. For your convenience Emerald is also available for download here:
RadiusNT Emerald Emerald for Linux