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Payment Processing with Top Technology

IEA Software is pleased to introduce our new partnership with NELiX TransaX LLC. NELiX TransaX provides low cost merchant accounts utilizing the TransaX Payment Gateway. Through this partnership, TransaX has set up special rates exclusive to IEA clients:

Prices shown include both the Internet Merchant Account and the TransaX Gateway fees:

    * NO Set-Up Fees!
    * NO Annual Fees!
    * NO Monthly Minimum Fee!
    * Only 2.09% for Qualified Transactions
    * Only 3.29% for Non-Qualified Transactions
    * $0.23 Transaction Fee for Visa/MC
    * $20.00 Monthly Service Fee
    * E-Checks (ACH) 0.25% Discount Rate + $0.45 Transaction Fee

If you have questions and would like more information or a free demo of the TransaX Gateway, call us today at 866-513-1547 or email us at sales@nelixtransax.com and be sure to mention IEA Software to get your exclusive rates!