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Chazakis Ioannis ( (no email) )
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:03:54 +0300

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> : Hello all,
> : I'm looking for a software program that will let me burn proxy
> : settings into the I.E. & Netscape browsers that I distrbute on CD
> : to new customers. I need to make sure that they can't turn the
> : proxy settings off in these browsers

Another solution would be to use a transparent proxy, and redirect the
traffic you want (i.e. web) through to your proxy server without the user
noticing anything or having to setup the browser.
The quick and cheap way to do it, is to use your router and a linux box with
tproxyd/ipfwadm, to redirect traffic to your proxy server.

Chazakis Ioannis
Acropolis Net

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