Re: [NTISP] Does anyone use NAT for dialup?

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 21:03:31 -0400

From: David Payer <>
> I might be able to ask my upstream for more address space but if I use NAT
> dialups I could get around doing that.
> Has anyone done that before and if so was there a problem you found in
> so?

We have a couple customers that are doing this. As far as we're concerned,
they're no different from any other customer. The NAT is handled by their
ISDN routers. We just assign them either a dynamic or static (one customer
is static, the other is dynamic) IP and their ISDN router handles the rest.


> (NAT = Network Address Translation, using RFC defined space like
10.10.10.X or
>, etc and using a box to translate that to your customers)
> I have done it in a proxy situation on a network using Wingate before and
> network had no problem but the rule typically is, if you don't define what
> want passed through, it isn't passed through on that kind of software and
> don't want to have to be making up new rules for the box as I go. I want
it to
> be seamless for the customer of course.
> I would appreciate comments.
> David Payer
> OMNI Internet
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