Re: [NTISP] frontpage 2000 server Extensions

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 10:34:06 -0400

INSTALLING isn't the problem. RUNNING is. <sigh>

If you locate a clue, could I borrow it? Here's what I ran into:

Install went OK, but when I try to set up FPSE2K on a site, I am told:

"Unable to create a web for the URL "/" because its root directory,
"d:\docs\aeicomp\" falls below the root of another web int he directory,

There *is* no web at d:\docs. I've spent hours trying to solve this one,
and cannot.

At this point, I'm unable to even go back to FPSE98 without nuking the
site, either. Right now, I'm without FPSE at all, and will likely remain so.

At 09:02 AM 9/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Can anyone lead to some good doc. on how to install FrontPage 2000 Server
>Extensions on to iis 4.0 server.

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