[NTISP] NT 4.0, IIS 4.0, SiteServer 3.0 Clustering

Will LaSala ( will@greennet.net )
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:17:43 -0400

Hi all,
I was trying to fid out some information on getting an IIS cluster together.
I found a product from BrightTiger which was recently bought by Allaire
and when I called them they said that it was going to packaged in their next
version of CF.
The product seemed to do everything I was loking for.
Here's what I am looking for:
A way to make an ecommerce site availible even if one server crashes.
It has to be done internally (another words not through an external web
hosting company like SandPiper)
I found a load balancing switch but no software to replicate the ecom web
site between servers.
I currently have 2 frontend servers and have found some info from M$ that
they have a package that will need a total of 6 servers with a fiber channel
backend and 2 raid level 5 disk arrays. Great for the people with deep
pockets but we're not that type of people.

So my question is does anyone know of any package or anyway of doing this,
at all?

Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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