Re: [NTISP] Info on NAS/Router

ioannis chazakis ( (no email) )
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 18:01:14 +0300

you can check out two access servers from CISCO, the 3640 & 5300
Both function as routers(high speed serial ports for WAN connection, LAN
ports, BGP, RIP,etc support) and access servers with quite god performance
and support for both ISDN and 56K dialin, supporting various AAA schemes
For small POPs I suggest using the 3640, for higher densities (up to 8 PRIs)
the 5300 is a better option.
I have been using 3640s for my small POPS and I'm quite happy with their
performance and reliability.
You can browse the specs at

Chazakis Ioannis
Network Administrator
Acropolis Net

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> Hello,
> Could someone suggest me a low-cost good-performances NAS or a Router with
> NAS function?
> Actually we are working with RRAS + NT + RadiusNT, but we need to expand
> (freeNET *imposed* by our Telecom company wants more traffic to keep us
> alive), so I'm searching for solutions to open additional POPs with less
> pieces of hardware possible (I sow some routers with an optional ISDN PRI
> card (up to 30 lines/modems)) and/or for a good NAS wich support 56k v.090
> with ISDN PRI (Europe/Italy).
> Thank you,
> Massimo Anicito
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